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 Comparing Collagens: sheep (ovine)  vs cow (bovine) or pig (porcine)

When comparing collagens it is important to determine the source, type and purity of the collagen.

The source of the collagen is the species/animal it was extracted from. Common mammalian sources are cow (bovine) and pig (porcine) with sheep (ovine) having recently been added to the list of mammalian sources of collagen.

Humans are mammals, so it makes good sense to use a collagen from a species more closely related to us when looking for compatibility.

However, the more traditional sources of collagen, cow and pig, both present with disease issues these days due to “Mad Cow” disease (BSE) and foot and mouth disease. Sheep collagen sourced from Australia has none of these issues as Australia is free of TSE diseases (Scrapie) and of foot and mouth.

There are also cultural sensitivities involved for Muslim, Hindu and Jewish populations when it comes to cow and pig sources. However, sheep have no cultural sensitivity issues and collagen from this source can be used by all populations worldwide.

Collagen from cows, pigs and sheep is generally sourced from the skin where a combination of Type I and Type III collagen is found, these are the same types of collagen as in human skin. Young skin has more Type III and older skin has less Type III collagen. The sheep collagen source is analysed for the percentage of Type I vs Type III.

The purity of the collagen depends upon the method of preparation and this may range from 20 – 98% so it is important to know how pure the collagen is and what percentage of this collagen is used in a product. Some products claim collagen content but it may be less than 1% of a collagen of 20% purity. Sheep collagens are prepared at 95 – 98% purity in a 1% solution.

So you can see how source type and purity all contribute to the effectiveness of a product and this information should be freely available.

 Different Sources of Collagen

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