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 Different Sources of Collagen

Collagen is a major protein of species throughout the animal kingdom including man and other mammals, birds and fish. Collagen is not found in species of the plant kingdom.

The most common sources of collagen for cosmetic purposes have been bovine (cow), porcine (pig) and marine (fish). However, collagen has also been sourced from chicken and mice, rats and kangaroos!

The collagen is usually taken either from the skin or tendons of these species. The skin contains predominantly type I and type III collagen whereas tendon is pure type I collagen. Since our own skin contains type I and type III this is the best collagen to use cosmetically. Marine (fish) collagen is sometimes sourced from cartilage which is type II collagen and not so compatible with skin.

Our skin contains more type III when it is younger and less type III as it ages.

There is now a new source of collagen available from sheep and lamb skins. Being a type I, type III collagen combination this product has all the benefits of a mammalian collagen but without the disease risks or cultural sensitivities as it is sourced from Australian sheep and is Halal certified.


Comparing Collagens

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