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14 December 2010Change of Director's Interest Notice
23 November 2010Final Director's Interest Notice.Mr Govindan
23 November 2010Final Director's Interest Notice - Mr Pixley
23 November 2010Results of Annual General Meeting 
23 November 2010 AGM Presentation 
23 November 2010CEO Remarks for AGM
02 November 2010
Media Release R&D and Commercial Launch of First Halal Ovine Collagen 
25 October 2010Media Release ASX Listed Holista Develops Halal Food Grade Sheep Collagen 
15 October 2010Notice of Annual General Meeting
15 October 2010Initial Directors Interest Notice
15 October 2010Appointment of Dr Stuart Hazell 
01 October 2010Annual Reports 30 June 2010
29 September 2010
Professor Henry wins Two Major Awards
07 September 2010 APPOINTMENT OF CEO
31 August 2010Appointment of Scientific Board
14 July 2010New Issue Announcement
25 June 2010Release from ESCROW 
07 May 2010Change of Registered Office
01 March 2010
Half Year Report Period Ended 31 December 2009
11 February 2010Amended Quarterly Report 
29 January 2010Quarterly report for entities admitted on the basis of commitments 
21 January 2010Patent Granted in Taiwan
18 January 2010Appointment to Scientific Advisory Board

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