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31 August 2018 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
13 August 2018Change of Director's Interest Notice
06 August 2018HCT Successfully Completes Underwitten Share Purchase Plan
06 August 2018Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
30 July 2018Results of Meeting
27 July 2018Appendix 4C and Quarter Update
20 July 2018Holista Extends Food Ingredient Offering in USA and Canada
05 July 2018Holista Signs Agreement to Export Low-GI Noodles to China
27 Jun 2018Notice of General Meeting / Proxy Form
26 Jun 2018SPP Booklet
26 Jun 2018 Holista Colltech Limited Cleansing Notice
25 Jun 2018HCT Clean-Label Low-GI Noodles Now Sold on
22 Jun 2018Holista Colltech Limited Share Purchase Plan
31 May 2018 Results of Annual General Meeting
02 May 2018Notice_of_Annual_General_Meeting_Proxy_Form
20 April 2018HCT - Low GI Sugar Patent - Clarification of Announcements Amended
06 April 2018 Low GI Sugar Patent - Clarification of Announcements 
22 March 2018First Shipment of 1000kg of GI Reducer Formula to Canada
28 February 2018-Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report 31 Dec 2017
28 February 2018Announcement by Global Biolife Successful Testing Vs Ebola
22 February 2018Holista Secures First Confirmed Order To Supply Patented Mix For Low-GI Noodles
20 February 2018Q&A Update on Low GI White Bread
14 February 2018 -HCT Signed US$6M MOU With Wings Canada
07 February 2018 Controlled Placement Agreement 
23 January 2018Change of Joint Company Secretary
11 January 2018 
-Announcement By Global Biolife Inc.  

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