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M3 System

The M3 System Explained



We establish a baseline bioaerosol pathogen matrix of the facility.


We formulate a comprehensive long term program with guidelines to monitor results that will keep the facility on track with their infection reduction goals.
The M3 System® Delivery Module

Developed in the USA to provide your facility with premium pathogen control automatically.

The Investigative Process and the M3 Protocol

Step 1

An opening conference is held to discuss your problems and issues. The nature of the problem is discussed and a survey is handed out to management to acquire information on problems. Attendees should include management, infection control and personnel from maintenance and engineering. During this step of the process a walk around of the facility is conducted where notes and photographs for reference are collected. A list of documents required for “Step 2” of the program is discussed.

Step 2

Based on the information gathered during the opening conference and a review of the survey forms a comprehensive protocol for the identification and quantification of pathogenic bioaerosols is formulated and presented to management.

Step 3

Implementation of the M3 protocol is initiated. Samples are sent to be analyzed and quantified by a Certified Microbiological Laboratory as needed. Any chemical testing is conducted as per OSHA protocols and results are analyzed and quantified by a certified laboratory. Results are documented and a new, comprehensive protocol for reduction and control of infection rates is constructed for implementation by the facility.

Step 4

Follow up random sampling and testing is conducted on a six month basis to monitor results and to re-examine the facility for physical changes such as additional construction, changes in use, etc.

The M3 System® Delivery Module

The M3 System® Delivery Module is the answer to 24/7/365 protection of your facility and occupants, visitors and guests. You can provide a safe and healthy indoor environment when used is combination with Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution®. Through the application of our proprietary technology we can adjust and control the frequency and quantity of Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® required to manage pathogen control across a broad spectrum of fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

After a careful assessment of your needs and based on our assessments of in excess of 5,000+ facilities in more than 16 countries, we can pre-program the module to provide you with the safest, pathogen-controlled environment. The unit is compact, weighing less approximately 10 Lbs. / 4.5 kg, and easily installed on your building HVAC system.

We provide specially designed and manufactured components to complete the system so as to provide maximum efficiency and efficacy with minimum time for project completion.

Path-Away® Fluid Pick-Up Module

Our specially designed Path-Away® Fluid Pick-Up Module operates efficiently by ensuring a steady flow of Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® to The M3 System® Delivery Module.

With no mechanical moving components, the module is virtually trouble free. All of our system components are designed and/or selected for maximum efficiency, ease of installation and assurance of high quality efficacy results.

Path-Away® Fluid Dispersion Nozzle

As a key component of the system package, our Path-Away® Dispersion Nozzle was designed and constructed to maximize the effectiveness of Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® when the system in in operation.

This critical component is internally designed and machined to provide a proper pattern of fluid dispersion at a fixed rate that compensates for pathogen variances that can result from multitude of building construction, conditioned space usage and a broad range of ambient or humanly created changes in the pathogen matrix under scrutiny.

The M3 system was registered with The United States Patent and Trademark Office on September 27, 2011. Registration #4,032,797

US Patent Pending #62/706,137 Technology property of GICC LLC.

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