Holista Colltech Ltd is a research-driven biotech company and is the result to the merger of Holista Biotech Sdn Bhd and Colltech Australia Ltd. Headquartered in Perth with extensive operations in Malaysia, Holista is dedicated to delivering first-class natural ingredients, wellness product and leads in research on herbs and food ingredients.
Holista researches, develops, manufactures and markets health-style product to address the unmet and growing needs of natural medicine. Holista′s suite of ingredients is capable of serving the industry to provide low-Gi baking products, low sodium salt, low fat fried food and low calories sugar without compromise in taste, odour and mouth feel. It is the only company to produce sheep (ovine) collagen using patented extraction methods.
Holista Colltech Ltd is a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales Australia.




Holista Colltech remains positive about our medium to long-term prospects in view of the significant achievements during FY2018 and immediately after. We remain optimistic of a major effort to launch a global low GI clean label white bread starting in Australia. This will be followed by a global roll out. While there were delays in the shipment of Low-GI noodles to China (as per our agreement with Express Trading Canada), we are working hard to ensure that the offtake can commence in FY2019. When that happens, the revenue contributions will be significant.
On our partnership with Kawan Food, we will commence production of Low-GI flatbreads — starting with paratha and chapatti — in the form of frozen dough. They are scheduled to hit Malaysian stores by Aug/Sep 2019 and the U.S. market two to three months later. For our new low-calorie sugar 80Less, the imminent launch of the Malaysian sugar tax (delayed by three months to 1 July 2019) is expected to hasten discussions we have with beverage manufacturers. We see our product as a potent weapon in the battle against sugar overconsumption worldwide.